Dennis Rodman Was Hammered When He Blew Up on CNN

“I want to apologize,” Rodman said. “I take full responsibility for my actions. It had been a very stressful day. Some of my teammates were leaving because of pressure from their families and business associates. My dreams of basketball diplomacy was quickly falling apart. I had been drinking. It's not an excuse but by the time the interview happened I was upset. I was overwhelmed. It's not an excuse, it's just the truth.

“I want to first apologize to Kenneth Bae's family. I want to apologize to my teammates and my management team. I also want to apologize to Chris Cuomo. I embarrassed a lot of people. I'm very sorry. At this point I should know better than to make political statements. I'm truly sorry.”


Okay. Rodman isn't fucking sorry. You prove you're sorry by changing your actions, and Rodman isn't doing that: Instead of toeing the diplomatic line at the game yesterday, he said this to the starving people of North Korea: “Yes, [Kim] is a great leader, he provides for his people here in this country and thank God the people here love the marshal.”

He's a propaganda tool for the North Korean government. And it's too bad it took Charles Smith and the rest of the delegation a trip overseas to figure that out.