A Couple Pranksters In The UK Got Super Drunk And Put Up The Craziest Roadblock Ever

I’m not sure which is funnier — the idea of a bunch of drunk lads dragging this massive triceratops out into the middle of a business road. Now you’re probably wondering “where the hell…”

Here’s the answer…

Godshilla, the mighty model dino, is owned by Martin Simpson of local gem shop Island Gems, who told the Isle of Wight County Press that it must have taken “five hefty lads” to move the dino onto High Street. He reportedly bought the big guy in 2007 and has painted it pink in the past to advertise his shop. Previously vandals put tinsel around its neck to make the dinosaur more festive for Christmas.

So Godshilla is like the town prankster. He was probably out drinking with the guys. It was all his idea. But imagine possibly being a little buzzed behind the wheel and coming up to a triceratops on the road.

“Lad, you drive, I’m way more cocked than I thought! I’m seeing dinosaurs!”

[via Esquire]