Donald Trump Took A Break From Presidential Stuff To Dump On Arnold Schwarzenegger Over ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Ratings

I watched roughly 15 minutes of the first episode of the new Celebrity Apprentice starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It just so happened that I tuned in for the last 15 minutes of the show. In that time, I thought Schwarzenegger did an alright job at the helm — I liked his thought process when making his final decision on who to fire — but there were five really shitty, cringe-worthy things that stood out in only that 15 minute span.

1. Schwarzenegger scolding Jon Lovitz for not referring to him as “Governor” in the boardroom.  I get that the celebs aren’t supposed to call him “Arnold” but pointing it out only made him look like the shithead, not Lovitz.

2. Schwarzenegger using “You’re terminated” as his firing catch phrase. It’s nowhere near as catchy as “You’re fired” and it just came off awkwardly. But maybe I’m saying that because it was immediately followed it up with…

3. Schwarzenegger telling the fired employee to “Get to the chopper.” I know we want to add some Schwarzenegger-isms into the show, but Jesus Christ, they’re making it a joke.

4. An actual fucking chopper took the contestant away. I didn’t CRINGE at this, I was actually kind of impressed they tied it together. Doesn’t make it less stupid, though.

5. Once the celebrity is fired, Schwarzenegger lights up a cigar right in the boardroom. That’s way too many Schwarzenegger-isms in a four minute span. CRINGE.

So that was my impression. President-Elect Donald Trump waited to give his opinion until the ratings came out. Since Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t support him for president, he decided to point out how much better he was at hosting the show than Schwarzenegger is.

At least Trump isn’t petty. Could you imagine if he was?
[H/T Uproxx]

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