That Wall Donald Trump’s Been Promising? He’s Moving It From The US-Mexico Border To Cyberspace

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One of the biggest issues Americans have with politicians is their propensity for making grandiose promises and their inability to come through after being elected on anything they proferred.

You know, blowing smoke up our ass on the campaign, then doing nothing when they get into office.

That’s why people have latched onto Donald Trump. He’s not a politician. When he promises something, he doesn’t do it do get elected. He does it because he’s going to do it. Because he knows how to get things done.

Could it be though that … he doesn’t?

GASP, I know.

Is he maybe no different from anyone else who has ever run for office? I don’t know, yo, but I do know that one of the central tenets of his campaign was building a wall that would keep out illegal immigrants.

A physical fucking wall, for it was reiterated where it would be, what it would be made out of, and how it would be paid for.

That was a promise.

But… hehehe you know.



But hey, virtual is good. You can use the internet to do lots of things. That’s the way of the future after all. The information superhighway. Maybe he’ll put some checkpoints on it, or some speed traps. That’ll stop the immigrants.

We will find out what that means today, maybe, because Trump is set to give a big speech on illegal immigration.