Total Bro Donald Trump Once Called A Dude Out For Double Dipping Shrimp In Some Cocktail Sauce

One of the greatest ironies of Donald Trump’s political slash and burn to the presidency is that it’s a populist movement led by a plutocrat. The people who love Donald Trump come from this country’s lower income brackets, but they adore a man of inherited wealth who doesn’t understand a single thing about what it’s like to struggle against the system.

Or does he? From this excellent profile by The New York Times’ Mark Lebovich comes a tale of Trump encountering one of life’s minor annoyances and dealing with it in the way you and I little guys could only dream of.

To set the scene, Lebovich is watching Trump on his private plane crush a meal after a speech.

He was also hungry. He barreled back to a pantry area arrayed with tin trays of chicken, shrimp, sea bass and chateaubriand. ‘‘Beautiful stuff,’’ Trump marveled over the spread. ‘‘There’s more food than it’s yooooomanly possible to eat.’’ He shoveled big spoons of potato au gratin onto his plate and then turned to the shrimp. ‘‘You like shrimp?’’ he said. He urged me to indulge, just as long as I did not double-­dip in the cocktail sauce. This is a pet issue for him. He was recently at a cocktail party, and they were passing around hors d’oeuvres. ‘‘This big, heavy guy takes the shrimp, puts it in, bit it and puts it in again,’’ he told me. Trump was appalled at the repeat dunking, even in the retelling. ‘‘I said, ‘You just [expletive] double-­dipped!’ He didn’t know what I was talking about.’’’

Forget that fact that Trump perhaps only learned how to relate to common humans by watching episodes of Seinfeld, at least he tells assholes not to do what they’re accustomed to doing.

Maybe that’s why he’s so popular right now. You and I would probably just avoid that little area of sauce where the guy was re-dipping his shrimp.

Being a normal is so lame.