Donald Trump Trolls Hillary By Playing ‘Les Miserables’ Theme As He Greets His ‘Deplorables’

Do I think that Donald J. Trump is “presidential?” Probably not. However, some may argue that President Barack Obama appearing on Funny Or Die’s ‘Between Two Ferns‘ was not presidential. Obama took a chance and tried a new, hip method to convey his message about Obamacare. It was absolutely fantastic and showed that Obama has the best comedic timing of any U.S. President and that he was willing to try new avenues to reach different audiences than traditional media. This is a new era in communication. The era of reality television. Social media. And trolling. Donald J. Trump excels in all three of those categories, and he put it on display on Friday night at a rally in Miami.

The Republican presidential candidate made his entrance at the rally to the song “Do You Hear the People Sing?” from the Broadway play Les Miserables. Behind the Donald was a huge backdrop of Trump supporters waving American and pro-Trump flags with a patriotic bald eagle flying high and the words “Les Deplorables.”

“Welcome to all you deplorables!” Trump told the audience, which ignited a frenzied applause.

The Trump campaign went to great lengths to mock and troll Hillary Clinton’s comments where she called half of Donald Trump supporters “basket of deplorables.” Hillary attempted to beat Trump at his own derogatory branding game, but it seems to have backfired as most Trump supporters have embraced being called deplorables.

Welcome to the first U.S. presidential election that openly and proudly utilizes trolling as a powerful weapon.

Only 51 days until the election.