Donald Trump, Jr. Responded To All The Glorious Memes About His Supremely Odd-Looking Tree Photo

On Sunday the Twitterverse had a grand old time making memes out of a very odd-looking photo that Donald Trump, Jr. took for a piece by the New York Times.

The “the most chill Trump” looked like he had never actually sat on anything before let alone a tree stump in the middle of nowhere, something that Death and Taxes writer Jordan Freiman noted on Twitter.

Obviously Freiman wasn’t alone in his mockery of the odd photo of Junior, (not by a long shot) but Freiman’s was the one that apparently caught Trump’s eye because he responded to it on Instagram.

It reads…

Apparently I’m really bad at sitting?!?! Based on the memes out there I now know what it feels like to be Salt Bae! Thanks internet… And in all honesty if a couple bad pics is all you’ve got I’m pretty psyched. #tryharder #saltbae #trump #haters #hatersgonnahate

First of all, you’re no Salt Bae. Let’s just get that out of the way right now.

And second of all, how about we share even MORE A++ memes of that AMAZING photo? Because, as DTJ points out, #hatersgonnahate. And #slatersgonnaslate.

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