This Supercut Of Donald Trump Saying Random Sh*t Should Win An Oscar

Look, I don’t care if you’re a Trump fanboy or a hardcore hater — If you can’t find this video of Trump’s best Trumpisms hilarious, you suck as a human being with zero sense of humor. It’s kind of like watching an old man just ramble his thoughts to strangers at Dunkin Donuts, just to get a rise out of people. Comedy gold. Hell, some of Trump’s random points are pretty damn spot on — Like, what the fuck was Katy Perry thinking when she married Russell Brand? What a *Trump voice* “LOOOOSER!”

Six years from now, when Donald Trump is America’ Supreme Leader and people like myself are slaving away in hard labor camps to build the wall, remember that these soundbite diatribes are exactly how this man climbed to power. He knew exactly how to prod America with a 5000 volt taser. I almost respect him for that.

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