Donald Trump Calls For ‘Total And Complete Shutdown Of Muslims Entering The United States’

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Last night President Obama called ISIS “thugs and killers” and “part of a cult of death” while reminding America that peaceful, patriotic American Muslims are our neighbors and friends. Donald Trump responded with his usual no-holds-bar rhetoric, despite forgetting this guy and this guy and this guy.


Anyway, today Trump pounced on the political opportunity to Make America Great Again by totally preventing Muslim immigration to America. Here’s the full statement:



Yeah, dude. Sorry about your grandma, but no visits from her until “our countries representatives figure out what’s going on.”

For some perspective, 23% of the world’s population is Muslim. There are 1.6 BILLION Muslims in the world. What does that mean here in the USA?


Which is weird since the Donald was pretty friendly with Muslims until it became politically advantageous to ragebait on not being friendly with Muslims:


But hey — Tomato, Ta-mato. Trump is currently leading in Iowa with 33% of the vote.

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