These Are Donald Trump’s Presumed Top Five Vice President Picks And They Are All Terrible

Look, I’ve come to concede that a giant portion of you are going to vote for Trump come November. Fine, if you want to waste your vote that’s on you – but if he chooses any of these people as his Vice President then shit’s not funny anymore (not that it’s funny right now in the first place). How can you look at any of these people with a straight face and think “Yep, Hulk Hogan is definitely someone I want leading this country. That is a solid idea and one that will certainly not end in widespread economic collapse and riots. LET’S GO.”

You can’t, really – and even though a bunch of these are jokes, I wouldn’t put it past Trump to nominate one of these people anyway, and I REALLY wouldn’t put it past any of you to vote for that ticket. Ugh.