Don’t Twerk at School

​It seems like the popularity of twerking has grown more rapid through out the years. It’s so popular that the “movement” influenced 33 students attending Scripps Ranch High School to create a twerking video on school grounds. The video contains girls shaking their tail feather in front of the camera. Some showing their acrobatic talents by twerking while doing a handstand. In most shots, a boy is posing with girls twerking as if he is running the so called “twerk team”. In the background is a twerking song (you can tell by the lyrics) rapped by rapper YG. This video wont be suprsing if one has experienced a college party, prom, homecoming, or any socail gathering that involves young people dacing with little to no restrictions and supervision  All 33 students were suspended from school, banned from their senior prom, and forbidden to attend there graduation.  

Was the punishment fair? Doesnt matter because in school, one barely owns any rights and schools can pretty much do what ever they please. Their justification for their actions are that “the situation disrupts the education process and environment”. Students should keep that in mind before doing anything.