These Mad Pizza Scientists Have Created A Pizza Unlike Anything The World Has Ever Seen Before

For generations the cities of New York and Chicago have been feuding over which is better: NYC’s thin crust pizza or Chicago’s deep-dish style. After watching the video above I now realize that the entire pizza industry has been held back by trying to work within the confines of those two styles (thin crust, deep dish), and true innovation within the realm of pizza has suffered because of that. It took the mad pizza scientists of Epic Meal Time to focus on pizza for the industry to see its first big shakeup in decades: the ‘Double-Sided Pizza’ from Epic Meal time.

Harley and the other bros at Epic Meal Time realized that the biggest problem with pizza is that they were wasting food real estate that could be utilized to add even more cheese and toppings, so instead of having a solid crust on the bottom they got to creating the greatest innovation the pizza world has seen since someone added meatballs. The resulting culinary creation is the ‘Double-Sided Pizza’, and it’s the focus of the latest video from Epic Meal Time.

Now that they’ve done the leg work in creating this culinary masterpiece the ball is in your court to give this recipe a shot at home, and when you do so I want you to document the process exhaustively and send us any and every picture you take of your double-sided pizza, because this thing is fucking epic.

[Epic Meal Time]