You’ll Feel Less Bad About Your Sexting After Reading The Nasty Shit The CEO Of American Apparel Sent

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I believe that in 2015, you should never send a sext you aren’t comfortable with the entire world reading.

Sure, you are a private citizen, and odds are entirely in your favor that the filthy messages you and another person share will never be seen by anyone else’s eyes.

But the way the world works right now, you never know what might happen that could thrust your horniest desires into the public sphere.

Luckily, though, your sexts probably aren’t as foul as the former CEO of American Apparel. Dov Charney was the company’s pervy, pervy, pervy CEO who was ousted for being a pervy, pervy, pervy CEO. Charney keeps suing the company now for wrongful termination, so, in a bid to halt the lawsuits, the company decided to prove he was a perv by releasing sexts he sent employees.

Here are some. Read them. That’s why you are here.

Your ass in that photo is the perfect cum target!

Daddy is so excited to play with the most little tiny blonde cum kitten in the whole school

Should I unload my cock now??? Like a filthy pig?

The feeling of your spit dripping down my ass crack would drive me crazy

I fucking need a phone fuck

I am jerking my dick for you and telling you how awful and disgusting I am

I like the idea of pulling your fair and fucking the shit out of you as I ride your body like you were a perfect blond pony

I want baby girl drooooool all over my cock

“I want baby drool all over my cock” is a sentence no person should ever write. That’s grounds for dismissal from the human race. Yet these sexts were like the least bad thing he did as CEO. The Los Angeles Times has the even worse shit.

According to the filing, Charney told accounting employees that they were “Filipino pigs … with your faces in the trough”; mimed holding a shotgun to an employee’s forehead; stored footage on company equipment of himself having sex with models and employees; and sent sexually graphic messages to employees. The filing also alleged Charney tried to destroy the evidence, telling employees to delete “naughty” messages.

Yea. Terrible, terrible human. So take this as a friendly reminder. Your sexts may one day appear on the internet. Make sure they aren’t anything like these.

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