Watch As Dr. Pimple Popper Pierces And Drains The Most Horrifying Cyst You’ve Ever Seen, River Of Ooze And All

I don’t know what it is with today. Usually I stay as far away from this sort of content as I possibly can, I’ve typically got zero stomach for the draining of cysts and other crap like that. Yet the last thing I blogged today was a man excavating an angry nest of German Wasps and now here I am sharing this completely WTF video of Dr. Pimple Popper lancing and draining an oozing cyst.

If you don’t have a strong stomach capable of watching horrifying cysts full of pus then I think you should probably reconsider hitting play on the video below, because around the 2:30 mark (give or take a few seconds) you’re going to see that cyst cut open and a river of ooze pour out of it…So if that’s not something you can handle PLEASE turn back now:

Everyone celebrates President’s Day differently, I guess I celebrate by torturing myself with the most horrific videos I can find.

‘Notice the cyst contents are not completely broken down which is why it is a chunky consistency’ is not something I ever thought I’d be seeing in a video, but here we are, talking about the most disgusting cyst you’ve seen this year.

Here’s that nastiness, one more time, just for good measure:

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[via Dr. Pimple Popper YouTube]