This Drunk Driver Is Not Very Good at Drunk Driving

Alleged drunk driver Phillip Marress is not so good at drunk driving. Some might even say he’s terrible at it.

The video depicts Marress racing out of the darkness of a busy, multi-lane intersection, and smashing into four cars parked at a stop light. Here’s the kicker – one of the four cars was a police cruiser. You really did it this time, Phil.

This is my favorite line from the description of the video –

Officers who approached his overturned car say [Marress] told them he didn’t understand why everyone was so upset about the incident.

Gotta respect Marress for going with the “act cool” and “deny, deny, deny” approach. I’m imagining a panicked officer approaching the overturned car with Marress hanging upside down by his seatbelt, earnestly asking the policeman, “what seems to be the problem, officer?”

If this doesn’t make you think twice before drinking and driving, not sure what well. Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured here.