The Drunk Food Game Just Got Changed With The Pizza Quesadilla

Quick, what are the two best drunk foods?

Easy. Pizza and Mexican.

Let’s not waste any fucking time here. We’re already wasting fucking time that we don’t have.

I’m talking ’bout combining the two, to make the ultimate drunk eat. A pizza quesadilla.

Yea. Boom. UNNN. NAAAH.

Basically, you make a fucking quesadilla, but instead of filling it with just cheese, you fill it with cheese AND sauce.

Then you top it with some pizza shit. While next level, it ain’t complicated.

The recipe is here over at Serious Eats, but here’s some pornography first of what you will be eating.

Seriously, go check out the recipe, as well as the inspiration behind it. Which came from a tortilla-style pizza being folded in half. No seriously. Stoners, dude.

[H/T Elite Daily]