Drunk Woman Watches ‘Braveheart,’ Attacks Neighbor With Sword

According to the Australian news site GoldCoast.com:

Simone Nicole Bruce, 44, had been drinking wine and watching the Mel Gibson blockbuster at her Chevron Island home on May 28 when she decided to pull out a sword and practice her fighting skills in the street. Frightened neighbours called police.

Do you blame her? Just watch this speech. The music alone gives me goosebumps. I want to kill the next fucking person I see. The fucking English, man.  

This week, Simone Nicole Bruce was sentenced to 18 months probation. It appears the judge is also a William Wallace fan, and only gave her probation, stating he could not take her freedom. The prosecutor added one request, that during her probation, she not be allowed to watch Kill Bill. That last part isn't a joke. That was actually spoken during the sentencing. If it weren't for the talking, I'd think Australia's courts were actually run by kangaroos. 

[H/T FilmDrunk]