Drunk Woman Bit A Man’s Lip And Ate It After Being Told To Stop Groping Other Ladies’ Boyfriends

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drunk woman bites mans lip


Sounds like Katrina Morrison had a very full night at a party she attended recently. That was until she got tired of people like Martyn Ind telling to stop groping the other ladies’ boyfriends.

According to a court report, around 2am Ind and some other buds went out to purchase some barbecue food for the party they were at when they ran into Morrison and invited her back to the get-together.

That’s when things took a turn for the worse, according to the Mirror

“Her behaviour, however, was rather erratic,” the prosecutor said. “She was drunk. She was trying to grope two young men between the legs.”

“Linda spoke to her about it and told her to stop but Ms Morrison lunged at her. Mr Ind went to Linda’s assistance and Ms Morrison then lunged at him, pushed him against a wall in the living room and grabbed him by the neck. She then bit his lower lip.”

“His reaction, in pain, was to go upstairs to the bathroom too see what had happened to his lip. He saw a chunk of his lip was missing. He went back downstairs to see if he could find the missing part of his lip but it could not be found. He found he also had a bite mark to his left arm.”

At that point Mr. Ind went to the hospital to seek repair for the damage only to return a few hours later to find Morrison still in the house. She apologized for biting him in the lip, but he refused to accept her apology so, naturally, she head-butted him.

Mr. Ind said in evidence that it had been a “happy” night until Morrison arrived.

“I was gobsmacked. I have never known anyone do anything like that before. I’ve seen animals do it but never a person,” said Ind.

That must have been one hell of a party. They get food at 2am, he gets his lip bitten in half, goes to the hospital for a couple of hours, comes back, she’s still there, she head-butts him and THEN the cops are called.

I want to party with these people.

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