‘Dry Ice Bombs’ Filmed In 4K Is Mesmerizing — Dropping Dry Ice Into Plastic Bottles For Some Glorious Explosions

I’ve made no attempts to hide that I am a huge fan of The Slow Mo Guys channel on YouTube, because I happen to think that everything looks cooler when it’s filmed in 4k and replayed in slow motion. If we’re being honest here I blame The Matrix for this, the first time I watched Neo bend out of the way of those bullets and ‘move like one of the agents’ I think I was hooked. So what if I was maybe/possibly/probably under the influence at the time, that badass cinematography had a pretty profound impact on me.

Moving on, what I love the most about this latest video from the Slow Mo Guys titled ‘Dry Ice Bombs’ is that I see myself in this. Back when I was growing up as a young teenager in Florida with nothing to do but fish and make dry ice bombs whenever we didn’t have a ride out to the beach it seems like we’d always find ourselves out in the woods with a bunch of plastic bottles an chunks of dry ice. So it’s nice to see that I wasn’t alone in my explosive infatuation with dry ice, that the rest of the world is also as equally interested in making ‘dry ice bombs’ as a group of bored ass teens from Florida was.