Dubai Woman Denied Entry To Disney World With Her Service Animal, A Baby Tiger

Disney World in Orlando is quite possibly the happiest place on Earth. It’s 43-square-miles (27,258 acres) of rides, attractions, and iconic Disney stars. This is exactly what one woman from Dubai was dreaming of when she showed up to the park with her service animal, taking in the whole magical experience with her beloved companion. The only hiccup was that her service animal was a baby Bengal Tiger and she’s insane for thinking that it’d be okay to bring a tiger into in amusement park.

100 years from now Dubai will be a ghost town. The oil money (and reserves) will have been exhausted, and all that will be left are the stories. Stories about how they tried to build a man-made ‘24/7 Party Island‘ to kick Ibiza off the map…in a country where drugs are dealt with as strictly as anywhere in the world. Or stories of crazy women who thought they could bring their pet tigers with them to Disney World and pass it off as a ‘service animal’.

Here’s the story of one lady trying to bring her pet tiger into Disney World:

The unidentified woman tried to bring a baby Bengal tiger into the theme park, but Cast Members at the entrance denied her entry. After a bit or arguing, the Central Florida Zoo was called to retrieve the baby Bengal tiger until the end of the woman’s vacation.

According to a source close to the situation who needed to remain anonymous, the woman became extremely irate and actually started claiming that Disney was making up the “no tigers allowed” rule on the spot.

Upon first being told that the baby tiger was not allowed in Magic Kingdom, the female guest, who is said to have been visiting from Dubai, became extremely angry. She was speaking with Disney Guest Relations and at first would not accept the fact that she couldn’t bring the tiger into the park.

After a long time period of speaking about the tiger and reassuring her that the animal would be well treated and taken care of during her time in Walt Disney World, the woman did agree to let the animal caretakers from the Central Florida Zoo care for it.

Disney would not officially comment on the situation when reached this evening. A number of Cast Members at Magic Kingdom and in Walt Disney World Guest Relations have confirmed to Inquisitr that the event took place on Monday.

While Cast Members at Disney did originally say that it was a “baby Bengal tiger,” the Central Florida Zoo let it be known that it was actually a “baby Bengal cat” which was being cared for by the guest looking to enter Magic Kingdom.

So it wasn’t even an actual Tiger? Or was it? Why won’t Disney comment on the situation?! If it was a Bengal Tiger this story is incredible, if it was a Bengal Cat then that woman show be banished from the U.S. of A. for traveling with a wretched cat. I’m having trouble believing that a zoo would take in a house cat for safe keeping while a person spent time at Disney World, so I’m guessing the statement from the zoo was either fabricated or it was part of a bribe when the woman realized how insane she’d look when she was outed for traveling with a baby tiger. I’m sticking to my guns on this one: she was traveling with a baby tiger and paid off zoo officials to claim it was a Bengal Cat, so the ‘service animal’ wouldn’t be confiscated from her. That totally seems like something someone from Dubai would do…

Disney lists 27 PAGES of dogs that have been featured in their animations over the years, there have been only thirteen individual tigers ever featured in Disney animations.

On Disney’s web page regarding ‘Service Animals‘ nowhere does it explicitly state what type of animals are acceptable (dogs, birds, house cats, tigers, etc), but it is very explicit on the where the service animal can and cannot go, and how NONE of the Disney employees can take control of the animal at any point while it is in the park:

Trained service animals are welcome in most locations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. Guests who use service animals must retain control of their animals at all times and must keep them on a leash or harness while visiting.
Cast Members are not permitted to take control of service animals. Guests with service animals should follow the same attraction entrance guidelines as Guests who use wheelchairs.

Due to the nature of some attractions, service animals may not be permitted to ride. At these locations, please ask a Cast Member about available options, including Rider Switch with a member of your party or a portable kennel.

The locations they’re restricted from entering are pretty obvious, most are roller coasters or water-based rides.