If Anyone Has An Extra Face Laying Around, This Dude Will Need A New One After Getting BRUTALLY KO’d

by 4 years ago


We take you to a KFC in Russia where the potatoes weren’t the only thing mashed. Two gentlemen were having a debate on which is the better KFC fried chicken recipe: Original or Extra Crispy? The fella in the striped shirt says the Extra Crispy is better because that golden fried batter is so delicious, how could you not want more of it? The younger chap on the right sitting down believes all that batter takes away from the chicken, plus its extra calories and carbs. Team Extra Crispy rebuffs that notion. “You’re already eating fried chicken, a little less crispiness is not going to save you from clogging your coronary arteries,” he says. Then the younger KFC enthusiast says, “I actually like the grilled chicken better than Original and Extra Crispy.”

The man in the striped shirt loses his shit and obliterates the youngster with one devastating punch that knocks him out cold.

Fist lickin’ good!

They don’t have smelling salts, so they will have to grab a freshly fried chicken breast to attempt to wake him out of his punch-induced coma.

The moral of the story is that fried is better than anything and don’t argue with people about KFC, it’s not worth having your face punched off.

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