Dude Gets Busted At Airport With Three Pounds Of Heroin Hidden In His Air Force Ones

Nelly may have once rapped about how he was “stomping in my Air Force Ones,” but some drug smuggler took things next level when he was busted for stashing three pounds of heroin in three pairs of the basketball kicks while traveling through JFK Airport.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, via TMZ Sports, the smuggler arrived on a flight from the Dominican Republic and, when inspected by security, was found to have shoes that were a little too heavy.

Arrested and handed over to Homeland Security, the perpetrator faces federal drug smuggling charges after the three pounds of heroin carried an estimated street value of $90,000.

I guess that line from Nelly that said, “I leave um strapped and laced and come up out um,” wasn’t fully understood by this smugger, ’cause I don’t think the rapper was talking ’bout smuggling heroin, man.


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