Real Men Of Genius: Dude Pretends To Be A Delivery Driver And Then Steals Cases Of Beer

Did you ever see someone invent something and get so jealous because it’s so simple that you should have thought of it years ago? You know like thinks like the Butter Stick and the Twirling Spaghetti Fork and that pillow thing that goes over your head so you can sleep just about anywhere. I’m jealous of the ingenuity of Darrius Williams. The 22-year-old changed the motherfucking game when it comes to beer theft. Instead of being a dangerous taintwad and holding up a liquor store with a gun, Darrius has a more professional and peaceful method of larceny.

Williams dresses like a delivery driver for beer and soda companies and then visits grocery stores in Alabama. Instead of restocking the shelves, he puts the store’s beer on his cart and wheels out cases of brew.


Well, people are onto Williams, the master of delivery guy disguise. He has appeared on Central Alabama Crime Stoppers and is wanted on four counts of theft of property.

It seems the special delivery of craft-y beer will soon be over, but today we salute you Mr. Dress Up Like A Delivery Guy Beer Stealer. You are a real man of genius.