These Bros Ain’t Loyal: Dude Catches Some Hard Smacks After Facebooking Friend’s GF

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C’mon, dude. If you’re gonna try to mack on your friend’s girlfriend, at least have the decency to do it offline, so it can’t be traced back to you. This is just idiocy and treachery at its most pathetic.

Once this dude confronts him with the Facebook chat log, he’s busted. There’s no getting out of it. But I like this guy’s strategy – DENY, DENY, DENY. He really tries to sell the fact that this is a huge shock to him, which makes it all the more suspicious. An Oscar-winning actor, he is not.

His quick thinking solution is to blame his boys for stealing his phone. Such a weak move. You got yourself into this situation, now deal with the consequences. I like how he studies the phone like it’s some ancient scroll with secrets he’s trying to unlock, when he knows full well what’s written there considering he definitely wrote it.

“I was on my Book yesterday, from my mom’s phone!” is probably my favorite line. Now he’s bringing his mom into it. I love Facebook as much as the next guy, but I’ve never been so desperate to see some Ice Bucket Challenges that I have to snag my mom’s phone. But I guess when you’re jonesing, you’re jonesing.

I love when he crosses himself. I’m not sure if it’s a move as if to say “Dude, I swear to God this wasn’t me,” or he’s just asking Jesus to protect him from further bitch slaps. God is kicking back with some popcorn on this one. You’re on your own, fella.

PS – definitely calling Facebook “The Book” going forward.

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