Just a Couple Dudes, Racing Some Coors Light Cooler Scooters, Down the Streets of New York

So, a couple weeks ago, the fine folks over at Coors Lights sent us cooler scooters stocked with Coors Light and Coors Light Summer Brew (the official Summer Brew of Coors Light).

What, pray tell, is a cooler scooter? Well, it’s a cooler with wheels and a motor. Basically a car with an insulated trunk. No really, these things could rip.

And what would you expect some idiot dudes to do with two of these things? We raced them. Down the middle of the street. In downtown Manhattan.

I challenged Cass Pa of Guyism, who also recieved a Coors Light Cooler Scooter.

I won. Then I ate shit.



If you want one of these bad boys, hit up Coors Light on FACEBOOK or TWITTER (or check out their website) with the hashtag #livesummer and maybe, just maybe they’ll make all your wildest dreams come true.