‘Dumb And Dumber’ Superfans Create Movie-Inspired Clothes — Farrelly Bros. Invite Them To Premiere After Finding Video

Let’s this story be the inspiration to follow your dreams, no matter how odd, because you never know who’s paying attention.

In an attempt to fulfill a lifelong goal of meeting Jim Carrey and the Farrelly Brothers, superfans Deanna and Ashley collaborated with the Head Designer of the A-list fashion label Haute Hippie to create “Dumbure Couture” — high fashion inspired by lowbrow comedy. Finally, a reason to pay attention to fashion!

The two ladies created two original Dumb and Dumber inspired dresses to honor, in their words, “the best film ever made.” They consider Dumb and Dumber to be their Citizen Kane. They posted a “making of” video of the dresses on YouTube. A day after posting the video Peter Farrelly personally invited both women to the Dumb and Dumber T0 premiere in LA.

Because they’re women, they needed to “test drive” the dresses before the huge premiere. What better place than New York Comic Con? I’d test drive them on the NYC subways but I’m a little more adventurous.