Another Moronic Little Kid Got Stuck In A Claw Machine And We Weep For The Future


Western Morning News

Summer is coming. The “dumb kid in the claw machine” stories will be coming hot and heavy soon but here’s an early entry from the UK.

Henry Howes just wanted a stuffed Minion from Despicable Me. His parents, obviously awful people on many levels, couldn’t just buy the little twit the stuffed prize. He had to “earn” it from a claw machine.

Here’s what happened next:

Determined Henry, four, asked mum Emma for £1 to have a go on the arcade game at his local swimming pool. The claw picked up a Despicable Me toy but then agonisingly dropped it just short of the delivery chute.

Henry refused to give up and put his hand inside the hatch in a bid to grab the Minion teddy, but reached too far. His bottom slipped under the trap door on the front of the machine, trapping him inside. The drama was witnessed by older brother Harvey, nine, who ran to get their mum.

Mum and brother alerted the staff who needed A HALF HOUR to find the keys to the machine. Obviously, no one ever wins if they don’t know where the hell they put the keys to the machine. I’ll bet that under the layer of Minion dolls are rows and rows of South Park stuffed characters followed by The Simpsons, Spuds MacKenzie and Winston Churchill figurines.

[via Death and Taxes]

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