You Won’t Believe How Much These Dummies Bid For An iPhone On ‘The Price Is Right’

The Price Is Right put a shiny new 16GB iPhone 6 with a one year data contract on bid for the contestants. You don’t have to be a tech geek to know that service for the phone will be from $50-$100 a month and the phone should cost around $200. So at the very most it should be $1,500. These two consumer product experts bid $6,001 more than that.

Yorkquincia inexplicably bid $7,500. But not to be outdumbed, Mark here pulled that topper bullshit and bid a dollar more. Do you realize that for $500 less you could have a fancy hammock, like this TPIR dimwit bid for.

The reaction by this woman wearing a green shirt in the audience was the exact same response that I had, “WHOA! $7,500?”

There’s no fucking excuse for these two monumentally atrocious guesses. Everyone has a phone and everyone has a phone plan. They didn’t ask you to bid on some wacky Australian didgeridoo that you’ve never seen in your life except for that time you were high and watched Crocodile Dundee II. It’s a fucking iPhone!

Hey assholes, do you realize that Apple is going to see this and think that they’re selling their products at a severely low price and raise the shit on their phones? You’re not only ruining The Price Is Right, but you’re ruining price points for wireless phones for the rest of us.