Wait A Second? Dunkin’ Donuts Now Serves A Chicken Biscuit You Can Get All Day?


Dunkin Donuts


Chicken Sandwich?


I don’t know how I missed this, and I’m sorry for that, but it appears that Dunkin’ Donuts has launched an all-day chicken sandwich that you can get all day. That’s the whole point of all day. Whenever you want. Fuck yea, I say. Let’s hear the gussied up language their marketing department uses to describe it, even though no words are necessary, because look at that thing.

Crisp bacon and flavorful ranch top off tender, juicy chicken. Freshly made and served on a warm French roll, you’ll savor it for lunch, dinner or any time in between.

Yea. Sold. So sold. That comes alongside other moves DD is attempting to transition the brand away from a morning pit stop for coffee to more of a 24-hour fast food joint type thing. From Market Watch:

The Canton, MA.-based company recently introduced a chicken sandwich using a pretzel roll instead of standard bread as well as a steak wrap to invite non-morning visits. For those seeking a sweet snack, it made trendy croissant donuts (“cronuts”) part of its permanent menu this year and is testing bacon glazed donuts in Providence, R.I.

Wanna see a picture of it? OOO ANN I KNOW YOU DO.


Dunkin Donuts

Me thinks this strategy will pay off.

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