Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Goes Ballistic On Customers Who Are Outraged That They Ran Out Of Donuts

This family went to Dunkin’ Donuts to get four dozen donuts and they even documented their attempted purchase of Diabetes discs like they were capturing footage of an NFL player committing a crime of some shit. Unfortunately this confection purveyor was completely out of donuts, which is rather silly since they have “DONUT” in their motherfucking name. It’s not like they went to Dunkin’ Donuts and they asked for a healthy salad. While it sucks for this family that they’re out of donuts, it’s not the end of the world. Or is it? A female in the vehicle is absolutely outraged by this development and goes full Lil Jon by screaming, “WHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAT!?!?” The DD employee informs the family, “Come in here dude. I’m not lying. When motherfuckers pull up I be like dead-fuckin’ serious man.” When the woman informs the employee that he is being recorded he retorts, “Da fuck you mean man?” This is followed by an extremely explicit and explosive rant by the Dunkin’ drive-thru operator to which the father in the car responds in a very Ron Swansony delivery, “We’re gonna deal with you pal. We’ll call the police on ya. The employee hilariously responds with, “Fuck on then n—-.”

These people annoy me, I hope there was another car behind them in line and they were unable to back out of the drive-thru. First off, how fucking boring is your pathetic life that you are recording your family trip to Dunkin’ Donuts? Secondly, why are you going to call the police because they’re out of donuts? Don’t you realize that the police are not going to waste their valuable time investigating a store that doesn’t have donuts?