Dwayne Johnson Is Such An Amazing Inspiration That He Even Makes Justin Bieber Not As Much Of A D-Bag (A Near Impossible Feat)

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Dwayne Johnson is not a great guy, he’s in the short conversation for GREATEST guy. Despite all of his wealth, success and fame, he continually shows that he is a down-to-Earth guy with a heart made of solid 24-karat gold. He demonstrated his unbelievable sense of love, compassion and amazingness on a couple of occasions this week.

Remember a couple of months ago, The Rock hung out with a kid who was fighting cancer on Easter?

*** I posted this story on Easter about this inspiring kid and fateful meeting. Story made national headlines and I just saw him again and have a new update on him that I'll share w y'all later today. But first here's the original story as a refresher. Enjoy.. ** Cool story to share on Easter.. After my workout I'm drivin' in my pick up and notice these kids in the rearview mirror screamin' & runnin' after my truck. Thought to myself, "Should I stop or keep drivin'?" I stopped. I hop out of my truck and this kid runs up to me, hugs the hell outta me and says it's been his life's dream to meet me and tell me how much I've inspired him to fight cancer (Hodgkin's lymphoma) and hard core chemo and stem cell transplant treatments. He was a little teary eyed and said for months and months all he's wanted to do was find me and say this face to face. I told him what it meant to me to hear this story. I thanked him, hugged him (and his friends), got back in my truck and drove away. As I'm drivin' I start shaking my head (and tearing up) at how fragile life is and how amazing and cool the universe was to make this meeting happen between myself and this special kid Nick Miller. Let's always take a moment to count our blessings.. cause there's always something to be grateful for. Happy Easter y'all - DJ

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Well the appearance wasn’t just for favorable publicity because the wrestler/action movie star chilled with the young man, who was battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma with hardcore chemo and stem cell transplant treatments, again. And it turns out that their first encounter opened many doors for the youngin. The kid has become an inspiration for people around the world, and has even been asked to speak to kids at schools. Even better news is that he’s been cancer-free for two years now.

Great update to a cool story... I just ran into @giraffe_boy again. The first time we met months ago he was running after my pick up truck (literally running behind my truck thru the parking lot) and I thought it was an excited fan.. I stopped the truck and had an inspiring once in a lifetime moment. He told me he'd been battling Hodgkins Lymphoma and though we had never met, he said that he'd been trying to shake my hand and tell me I was his inspiration to beat it. Well I happened to run into Nick again and he told me since I posted our pic on Instagram along with our story that made national headlines - his life had completely changed. He's become a source for inspiration and hope for people around the world going thru their tough times. He's been asked to speak to kids at schools and the best part he told me.... he's been cancer free for two years now. Hell yeah bud! I always say it, but moments like this with fans will always be the best part of my job. And what a helluva reminder for us all to count our blessings.. cause there's always something to be grateful for. Stay strong Nick and if any of y'all are out there going thru your own challenges then you stay strong too and I hope this post helps in some small way. ~ DJ

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Then on Saturday afternoon, Johnson gave a shoutout to Lexi, who is forced to go to the hospital for treatment of an undisclosed malady.

I said "Hey Lexi" from across the gym and she came running over and said "you came back for me!!!" Her mom just shared a story that touched my heart.. she said every time Lexi has to go to the hospital for a treatment she always says "I gotta be strong cause the Rock told me to be strong!" Then she brings my picture with her to the hospital as a strength reminder. Hearing that story gave me instant perspective (and gratitude). Hey, look I got some pretty cool things going on in my life.. I believe in hard work and little luck to get ya by.. but moments like this with Lexi will always be the best part of my fame. We all play a part in it ya know? And I appreciate I can share it with y'all. #Perspective #SheToldMeSheLovesMe #AndJustinBieber #HelluvaComboIGuess #BestPartOfFame

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Lexi won homecoming queen and had two people in mind to take her to the dance, Dwayne and Justin Bieber. When Johnson asks the young lady who is better she mistakenly responds, “Bieber.” Poor misguided youth.

Damn you Bieber! #SheClearlyDidntGetTheMemo #PricelessMoment 👍🏾

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The Rock informed Biebs of the situation, and surprisingly Johnson’s vast altruism rubbed off on the douche pop star.


Whatever the qualifications are to be a saint, I think Johnson aced them all.

He also shared an epic #ThrowbackThursday photo and hung out with Mark Zuckerberg in Japan. What an incredible fuckign week!

Very cool to partner w/ Facebook to be the first Hollywood actor to launch their new live global streaming feature from the app. Had a lot fun! The response from fans has been dope since streaming from our Florida gym #TheIronParadise and it's embedded in my Facebook page if ya wanna check it out. At 23million+ fans on Instagram (my fav platform) and an additional 50million+ on Facebook, Mark and I spoke about the importance of continuing to evolve and grow and create even greater ways to connect with my fans worldwide - and Facebook Live is one of those powerful ways. I've said it before many times and it's true, connecting with fans will always be the best part of my job. And eating sushi with Zuckerberg in Japan ain't too bad either💪🏾. #BreakingNewGround #FacebookLIVE #RockAndZuck #TwinningInJapan

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