This Is Boston Terror Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Twitter Account (UPDATE)

To recap, we should say how we found out this information:

This morning, Joe Kinsey of @bustedcoverage tweeted that “some” were saying that @j_tsar (Jahar) was the Twitter account of Tsarnaev. We were skeptical. Where is the “J” coming from? Isn't his first name “Dzhokhar?”

It turns out that you pronounce the terrorist's name like you would a “J.” “Joke-har.” Jahar, then, would be an Americanized way to say “Dzhokhar,” and the guy himself was prone to simplifying his name, too: His social networking page for the Russian Facebook says “Djohar.”

Then, there's this. Several people from Boston claiming to be friends of Dzhokhar call him “Jahar,” and have spoken about him on Twitter today in a way that would indicate they knew the guy long before the news cameras did. There's been a lot of chatter about Jahar being a marijuana connect at the school, and, in one instance, a user said that he “was a normal kid. He smoked weed, was mad chill, liked old black & white movies & was wrestling captain.” 

I DM'd with one Twitter user who is a student at the University of Massachusetts: Dartmouth (UMD) and who spoke a lot today, publicly on Twitter, about his relationship with Dzhokhar. He DM'd me back to say that he considers himself friends with the fellow UMD student. He confirmed that @j_tsar IS Tsarnaev's Twitter account, but he asked that he not be brought into this. At least one point this year the person I DM'd with is RT'ed by @j_tsar.

@j_tsar's Tweets match up with what we know about Dzhokhar. We know that he entered college in the fall of 2011. His Twitter account matches that.

And, importantly, we know that Dzhokhar was on the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School wrestling team. As you can see in this Tweet from August 12, @j_tsar is wearing Cambridge shorts. 

J_tsar talks about living in Cambridge throughout the Twitter feed. He also talks about how Breaking Bad told him to dispose of a body. There's much more.

Perhaps most importantly, Dzhokhar Tweeted this week after the bombings. He said that a #prayforboston story was “fake.” 


On April 16th, he quoted Eminem.


On the 17th, he said he was a “stress-free” kind of guy.


And yesterday, he RT'd a mufti.

We know that Tsarnaev accessed social media yesterday— his Russian VK page. It's not unreasonable to think that the teenager also Tweeted. We're sure that this Twitter account is going to be parsed over a lot in the coming days.


Further proof that @j_tsar is Tsarnaev…

A cached web page from January shows this profile picture:

And Buzzfeed caught up with Stefanie Gardner, who attended high school with Tsarnaev.

“I would confirm this as to being his Twitter account. Those users went to my high school,” she said.