Some Pervy Hick Ruined The ‘Eager Beaver Bar’ Lingerie Nights By Trying To Kidnap A Panty-Poppin’ Bartender

This is a perfect example of one guy ruining something awesome for everyone else. Just the phrase “lingerie night” is enough to get me to buy a plane ticket to visit bumfuck Wisconsin, but knowing that it’s taking at a place called the “Eager Beaver Bar”? Well that’s just icing on the cake.

“A Wisconsin bar has been forced to cancel its weekly Lingerie Night event after a regular customer attempted to kidnap one of the bartenders earlier this month.

The incident occurred at the Eager Beaver Bar in Appleton on July 10 and lead to the arrest of Dennis Mitchell, 45…

Mitchell ran up to the bartender as she walked to her vehicle on July 10 and tried to put a plastic bag over her head…

When the woman yelled, neighbors approached and he ran away.
The Thursday night tradition, during which bartenders served customers while dressed only in underwear, has now been cancelled.”

Via Daily Mail

Apparently Mitchell was a regular who had been asked multiple times to stop taking pictures of the bartenders during Lingerie Nights, which is maybe the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. Not only was he a lonely hick spending his time at a place called the “Eager Beaver,” but he clearly has never heard of the Internet. It’s 2014 dude, people get their spank banks by going online nowadays, not by creeping around in public and trying to take skirt upshots.

And unfortunately for everyone…

“‘All photos of our Thursday night bartender photos have been deleted to ensure the safety of our employees at this time,’ wrote Coon in the message posted last Tuesday.
‘Unfortunately it only takes one mans lack of good judgement to ruin things for all.'”

You’re killin’ me here. Oh well, here’s some boobs to make up for it.

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