World Leader Caught Eating A Hotdog With Fork And Knife Should Just Flog Himself In Shame

People around the world constantly poke fun at Americans, but I can say one thing for certain: our President would never be caught dead eating a hotdog like a pussy. The same cannot be said for British Prime Minister David Cameron who was photographed scarfing down a hotdog in Southern England last weekend using a fork and knife. Some have already claimed (me, I’m the one claiming it) that this is the nadir of Western Civilization.

Photographed on the campaign trail last weekend near Poole, England, here we see one of the most powerful men in the world eating his food like a little beotch:

Absolutely shameless too. Just look at that smug man chopping up a food designed to be eaten by hand, it’s almost as if he’s trying to throw his prissy British manners in the face of every man in the world who eats hotdogs as they were intended to be eaten. The jokes on him though, I sincerely doubt he knew he was being photographed eating his hotdog like a toddler and that within a matter of days the entire world would be laughing their asses off at him.

Just take a look at this next pic, this is the face of a man who just realized he ROYALLY SCREWED UP, and just became the butt of every joke in Western Civilization:

ABC News reports that this isn’t the first time the British Prime Minister has found himself in trouble after eating hotdogs:

During a visit to the U.S back in 2012, the Daily Mail newspaper reported that “the posh Dave struggled to eat a hot dog without silver service” while being photographed eating a hot dog with President Obama at a basketball game.

Can’t someone just teach this fuckin’ guy how to eat a hotdog? Not that there’s anything to teach! You just pick it up and eat it. Across the broad spectrum of foods eaten I’d actually argue that the hotdog is one of the easiest in the world, yet one of the most powerful men alive can’t master such a simple task? What the hell, England? How did you elect this man who can’t even eat a hotdog correctly?!?

At the very least David Cameron should head into hiding until he learns how to properly eat a hotdog, and institute some measure of self-flagellation to ensure he actually learns how to eat like a man. If that woman in the first thumbnail can take down a hotdog that big Prime Minister Cameron can surely take down a tiny hotdog.

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