Is The Greatest Kid’s Juice Box Of All-Time, Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler, Making A Comeback?


If you were in elementary school in the late 80s and early 90s, the greatest experience you could have was opening the lunch your mother packed for you and seeing a Hi-C Ecto-Cooler in the box.

One of the first movie product tie-ins marketed towards kids, Ecto-Cooler was the delicious, sugary drink with Slimer from Ghostbusters on the box. Nowadays, if you drink a Buzz Lightyear soda pop or Elsa Frozen mocktail, you’ve got Ecto-Cooler to thank.

Hell, I didn’t even see the movie and I still loved the drink. So green and sugary. But like all great products, Ecto-Cooler eventually fell out of favor, and was discontinued.

Now, though, Ghostbusters is back, and if one dude’s eBay page is to be believed, so too is Ecto-Cooler.

Here’s the guy’s post, who said he received it through a friend, who got it as a marketing sample.

You are viewing a New, Unused Ghostbusters Hi-C Ecto Cooler Can sample.

This super rare item has never been offered on eBay before.

An 11.5 oz can, this citrus drink is not available in stores yet and finding a sample of the can will be near impossible!

A must for Ghostbusters collectors.

Stands 5″ tall and is 2 1/2″ wide.

It will be shipped in a cardboard box to prevent damage.

There is no top on the can, so there is no liquid Ecto Cooler inside.

* For the threatening emailer (who needs to learn how to spell) and any others interested, this was sent to a friend who used to work for a marketing company. My friend hasn’t worked there in a long time and received this via UPS or FedEx the other day. It was in a plain box with a box containing these inside. No paperwork. It’s not stolen, nor is it marked “Sample” or “Not For Resale” that’s why eBay has allowed this item for sale (and yes, I called them to verify at 14:04 EST 2/18/2016).

Well, if eBay says it’s legit…

Coca-Cola renewed the trademark to the brand recently, and given our current culture’s slavish obsession over anything even slightly nostalgia-esque, it would be a downright slam dunk to do this.

The current top bid for the can, which contains no Ecto-Cooler, is $220

Yea. It’s coming back.