This Electric Surfboard Lets You Ride Waves Anytime You Want And, Holy Shit, I Want One For Christmas



We’ve all been waiting for a fucking hoverboard to be created already so that we can glide across the concrete to get from place to place, but instead of holding our breath for that to actually happen, maybe this electric surfboard is the best alternative.

For those adrenaline junkies who love surfing but can’t catch waves on the reg, this board is a must-have, allowing surfers to carve it up without choppy waters.

Featuring a battery-powered motor, the board will make you look like Kelly fucking Slater even on the calmest lakes and ponds—though his coolness level isn’t part of the package.

Go ahead and continue to hope for a overboard, guys, because I’m asking for one of these things for Christmas this year.

[H/T Dailymail.CO.UK]