This Elephant Getting Revenge On A Fellow Pachyderm By Farting On Its Head Is My Spirit Animal

by 1 year ago

We take you to the Chiang Ma Elephant Nature Park in Thailand where playful pachyderms battle over a mound of dirt. There are two female Asian elephants who play Queen of the Hill. One elephant named Kabu is always pushing another named Faa Mai off the hill.

Faa Mai isn’t having it.

They attempt to shove each other off the mound and Faa Mai extracts her devilish revenge on her rival. She climbs the hill and promptly puts her thick tuckus on the head of Kabu and RIPS A WET ONE!!!

Elephant, more like elefart.

Faa Mai Dutch ovens Kabu. The five-ton fart is a powerful, juicy, and simply extraordinary. I can really only describe it as a butt trumpet remixed by Skrillex. Whatever the noise, it doesn’t sound like they’re friends.


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