First Bull Elk Spotted In South Carolina Since 1737 (279 Years)

The first elk spotted in the state of South Carolina since 1737, a whopping 279 years, has been tranquilized and relocated after it was spotted several times near populous areas of Pickens County.

The young bull elk is believed to have fled to South Carolina during elk mating season after facing aggression from fully-grown adult males. Wildlife officials tranquilized the young bull and relocated him to the South Carolina mountains neighboring North Carolina, and they believe the elk will rejoin his herd after mating season when he feels the threat from other males is no longer imminent.

As you can see in that footage above, the young bull elk is of formidable size already and can handle his own against predators. But he pales in comparison to the size of fully grown bull elk, and though cowardly it was probably wise of the young elk to break from his herd or he might’ve been torn to shreds by the bigger bulls.

WSPA reports that the elk’s natural home is in Haywood County, North Carolina. Researchers estimate that there are roughly 150 elk throughout the Great Smokey Mountains in North Carolina, and once this young bull realizes there are no female elk in the area to hitznit the skizzins with he’ll head back to N.C. and rejoin the herd.

[h/t Reader shoutout to PKW for sending me this via WSPA]