English Guy Takes Enormous Amounts of Drugs, Delivers Safety Advice to Strangers

Similar to Vice's now-legendary decision to send an acid-tripping reporter to cover the Westminster Dog Show, a guy named Sam Briggs was recently subjected to high doses of marijuana, ecstasy, and magic mushrooms, then asked to stand on a street and deliver public safety advice to bystanders. (He wore a hard hat and reflective vest, so it was cool.)

Google and Twitter searches aren't turning up much about Mr. Briggs—save this guy claiming to be his housemate and saying that everything you see was real and unscripted—but regardless of the backstory, this video is absolutely hilarious. Briggs slowly loses grip with reality, growing suspicious of a manhole at one point, and becoming infatuated with the nearby trees, but he still attempts to continue delivering the public safety advice to strangers even when he starts to realize that he isn't making any sense. Just a crazy, funny, weird video: Or, why YouTube exists.

[H/T: Reddit]