This Is A Portrait Of Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Painted In Poop — Feces Painting, So Steamy Right Now

There was a time in my life when I used to question why the world let people become famous for doing outrageous things. Think back to the year 2004, the month of June, when the sex tape 1 Night in Paris dropped and suddenly the world met the hotel heiress famous for gargling junk on camera. For years I couldn’t come to grips with how or why Paris Hilton became famous due to a ‘leaked’ sex tape, but over time I just learned to accept it. Flash forward to present day, and consider the rising star of the art world: Katsu.

This painter’s made quite a name for himself over the past few months, first grabbing headlines when he launched his ‘Shithead’ series of paintings by unveiling a portrait of Mark Zuckerberg painted using feces. Feces? Yes, feces. Katsu paints using poop, which is actually quite a difficult medium to paint in according to Katsu, who claims that the feces dries at an incredibly fast rate compared to other mediums.

In his most recent unveiling, Katsu debuted a portrait of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt…painted in doo doo feces crap:

Kim-Mai Cutler of TechCrunch caught up with Katsu to discuss how he got into poop painting:

(TC) So how did you get into shit painting?

My background is in graffiti, hacking and just general technology. The painting is part of a series of paintings that I did called “Shitheads.” I had done a portrait of Mark Zuckerberg earlier this year in my solo show at the Hole Gallery in New York. It was a triptych of Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt and a dog that I grew up with.

I like getting my hands dirty. I was thinking about the human body removed from all art mediums. I was thinking, what is the human body capable of producing pigment-wise? You can use blood, feces, semen and urine. If you just stripped away and removed humans from everything and all technological devices, what could the body naturally produce?

’m also a little bit fascinated with data on any level. I was really interested in the taboo of feces. I was watching a Gates Foundation video about how Bill Gates is trying to revolutionize the toilet and change the way we look at excrement.

But it’s really about bio-data. These titans of the cloud, are like, basically in competition to control every bit of granular data about individuals. That’s what makes their companies so powerful. They understand that human data has this immense value and they’re shielding and hiding that from the public.

Maybe feces is the last thing that they could possibly control.

To read the interview in full with the rising star of the poop world you can click on over to TechCrunch.