Defendant In Erin Andrews’ $75 Million Civil Trial Accused Of Showing Friends Her Peephole Video At Dinner

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Over the past week or so, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Erin Andrews civil suit, which has the reporter/TV host suing the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University, the hotel’s owner West End Hotel Partners, the management company Windsor Capital Group and her perpetrator/stalker Michael David Barrett for $75 million worth of damages from the peephole video from 2008.

Following tearful testimonies from both Andrews herself and her father, new reports accuse one of the defendants—BetaWest senior vice president Neal Peskind, who’s representing West End Hotel Partners—of actually playing the peephole video for friends at a restaurant Tuesday night.

Per WSMV, here’s the defense’s statement in response to the reports:

“Last night, Mr. Peskind (sic) and two of his friends, a husband and wife, were having dinner, and the friends brought the video up on their phone, to which he objected and immediately asked them to stop. The video was then turned off. We don’t make light of this situation. Ms. Andrews was the victim of a crime, which has been our position from the beginning and is the reason Mr. Peskind (sic) asked his friends to stop the video. Other comments attributed to Mr. Peskind (sic) surrounding this conversation never occurred.”

When asked about the incident on Wednesday, Peskind said that the claim was “incorrect.”

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