Man Captures The Instant When A Cadillac Escalade Falls Through Thin Ice On Lake Michigan And Gets Stuck

The Cadillac Escalade STARTS at $73,000, so this was one hell of a mistake. In this clip, we get to see a fellow from Wisconsin cruising along Lake Michigan on what he thought was safe ice to drive on.

Instead, all hell breaks loose in an instant when this random bro filming from the shoreline catches the exact moment when the Escalade falls through the ice while carrying an ice hut. I’ve never had to extract a car that’s fallen into a frozen lake but I have seen it on video before. I have to assume that an extraction is possible with this car since it’s not fully submerged in the middle of the lake, but is instead semi-close to the shore and a lot of the vehicle’s still poking out.

If that was my truck stuck out there in the ice you could bet your ass I’d exhaust ever option possible to get my Escalade out of the ice. I’d be dropping M80’s to crack through the glass and wench it in from the beach if I had to. So I am really curious to see the aftermath of this FAIL.

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