This Escort Blew Up Cowboys’ Lael Collins Twitter When He Tried To Stiff Her On The Bill After She Tossed His Salad

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Getting Lael Collins into the NFL was a bit of a hassle, what with his pregnant ex-girlfriend getting murdered right before the draft which scared away potential teams from signing him. However he was eventually signed by the Cowboys and everything seemed fine and dandy.

Except now this escort named “Throatzilla” is blowing him up on Twitter. Why? Because he supposedly didn’t pay her after she ate his ass out.

Dude…if you’re even semi-famous and getting someone named Throatzilla to toss your salad, you need to pay them. Bloggers live for these ridiculous headlines that combine celebrities and crude sex acts, meaning this’ll make its way around the Internet fairly quickly.

As for who Throatzilla is:

Hopefully that’s enough information, but if not, here’s a statement she released after Collins got her Twitter account suspended:

I’m an escort & lael Collins hired me to eat his a** & give him head last Sunday but when it came time to pay, he said he meant he would take me out to eat. After us arguing for 20 minutes he agreed to pay me Thursday.

So when Thursday came, he made me delete his number & all of our text messages, but I requested them from Sprint he has now changed his number but I blasted him on Twitter & him & his agent got my Twitter deleted.

Check out the screenshots below from their alleged conversation via Black Sports Online:

[H/T Black Sports Online]