Lazy Europeans Are Killing the World’s Wine Supply

World production hasn’t managed to keep pace [with demand]. Outputs have steadily declined in a number of the world’s most prosperous regions. Overall, global production has been on a downward trend ever since the early 2000s, when there were still massive excesses. Peak wine, the report holds, isn’t merely upon us; it already happened—back in 2004.

Lagging production in the world’s three largest wine-producing countries—Spain, France and Italy—is largely to blame. “Area under vine” (the amount of land being used to grow grapes for wine-making) has fallen considerably in all three since 2001.

Europe, which has easily been suffering the steepest decline in wine production (roughly 25% since 2004) will have to reverse its recent bout of poor harvests well into the century to continue supplying the world—Europe, after all, still makes roughly 60% of the world’s wine


Damn you, Europe! and your siestas and smoke breaks and general lackadaisical attitude! Just too disaffected to smash some grapes this year? Did you look a ripe vineyard, suddenly get existential, and drag a clove while muttering, “What is the point, really.”

YOU'VE KILLED THE WINE. Think of our health.

[H/T: The Atlantic]