Ex-Girlfriend Goes COMPLETELY PSYCHO When Her Ex-Boyfriend Wisely Refuses To Text Her Back

Rule #1 of break-ups: Never, ever text your ex. For an example of why, watch the video above. You’re all intelligent people. You realize just how off-the-rails exes can go.

Part of me feels bad for this girl because she’s clearly in a dark emotional headspace. On the other hand, it’s pretty obvious why the guy left the relationship — Her texts are threatening and psychotic, kind of like part in The Exorcist when the girl’s head starts to spin.

He was a smart man to get out. Let’s hope he can refrain from texting her back, because he’s doing a pretty good job so far. Hit the block button, Bro, and find your inner-zen.

Via Distractify:

This is what it would probably look like if they met again IRL. Don’t do it, Bro. You don’t want a scene like this on your hands:

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