Here’s How Much Exercise It’ll Take To Burn Off Fast Food Meals From Taco Bell, Chipotle, McDonald’s, And More

It’s perfectly normal to think about how many calories you’re ingesting on a daily basis, and to consider how much time you’ll have to put in at the gym in order to burn off that Whopper or BigMac you had for lunch. However, it’s kind of a pain in the ass to turn this into an exact science, because you have to factor in your total meal, body weight, type of exercise, and a whole host of other factors.

That’s why this handy calculator/widget from is so goddamn useful. You just plug in your weight and whatever it is you ate at one of our nation’s most popular fast food chains, and it will tell you exactly how much exercise you need to complete in order to burn off those calories. I’ve pulled some screenshots, running through the simulator for ‘Men, 160-pounds’. However, you can feel free to test it out yourself by following the link down below:

To plug in your weight, gender, and whatever it is you ate at one of our nation’s biggest fast food restaurants you can mess around with the widget by clicking on over to HomeRemedyShop.

I never think about caloric intake. Maybe it’s because my metabolism hasn’t completely flatlined yet, and I can still get away with eating junk once or twice a week if I wanted to. That said, now that I’ve seen these photos of just how much exercise it takes to burn off a single fast food meal I’m pretty mindfucked, and I’m worried that going forth I’ll be checking the labels on everything.

Maybe not though, because I’m typically apathetic when it comes to most things in life (other than arguing with commenters). This is pretty illuminating though, and methinks I’ll at least be cutting down on my fast food intake some (even though I only ever eat it on road trips).

[h/t Business Insider via HomeRemedyShop]