Huge Explosion Rocks Turkey’s Capital Of Ankara, Most Likely From Terrorist Car Bomb (VIDEO)

A huge explosion has taken the lives of an unknown amount of people in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. On Sunday, a suspected car bomb or car bombs ripped through the Kizilay neighborhood of Ankara.

Witnesses say the explosion happened near the main bus station on Ataturk boulevard, a main transportation hub which is in close proximity to many government buildings. It is believed that a car loaded with explosives slammed into a bus causing the blast. Several vehicles caught on fire. The area was being evacuated in case there was a second attack. Several witnesses claim that they heard gunfire after the explosion.

Only days earlier, the U.S. State Department warned American citizens of a potential terrorist plot in Ankara.

This comes on the heels of last month’s bomb attack on a military convoy in Ankara that killed 28 people. That attack was claimed by a Kurdish militant group, the Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (TAK).

Ankara is no stranger to terrorism, in October they were hit with an explosion that killed 100 and injured 300 others.