Guy Who Looks Like He’s From ‘Mad Max’ Obliterates Huge Hornets Nest With A Goddamn Flamethrower

I found a WikiHow article on how to get rid of hornets, and they provide methods such as using insecticides, traps, making decoy nests and vacuuming those little fuckers. However, the peculiar-looking gentleman in the video above seems to have the most entertaining modus operandi of exterminating hornets… torching them with the fiery fury of a goddamn flamethrower.

Excessive? Probably. Badass? Most definitely.

The gentleman, who goes by the name of torchfireperformer on YouTube, had a huge hornets nest right outside of his family home, and instead of calling the pest control, he turned the nest into a Hades for hornets using a flamethrower. “We don’t need exterminators, everything is under control,” the flamethrower operator says.

“Ok my family was attacked by a hornets’ nest… nobody messes with my family,” the mohawked madman declares. “I’m going to take care of the situation.”

Seconds later, the extremely large hornets nest is burnt to a crisp. I gotta be honest, I kinda wish there was a hornets nest in my yard now.

The fact that this dude is rocking a mohawk and looks a little like Bearclaw Mohawk from the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max makes the video even more bizarre/great.