Serious or Not, You’ll Enjoy This Facebook Comment About Steven Spielberg Hunting Triceratops

The firestorm surrounding Kendall Jones, the Texas Tech cheerleader who posted several photos of her African animal kills, continues to burn. No matter what side of the debate you fall on, we can all agree posed hunting photos are sure to get hot opinions crackling.

If you needed any further evidence, take a gander at this comment on a photo of famed Hollywood director Steven Spielberg sharing a moment with a fake Triceratops from Jurassic Park.

As with pretty much anything on the internet, it’s hard to tell where the jokes begin and the seriousness begins.

You’ll remember this particular inanimate dinosaur as the one who fell ill and forced Laura Dern to dive headlong into a mountainous pile of its feces. A screen legend, to be sure.

I guess the real question here is if there would have a been a similar outcry if Spielberg had posed next to a fallen Tyrannosaurus Rex, Raptor or any other meat-eating killer who turned the ill-conceived amusement park into its own personal smorgasbord.