This Is Reportedly Facebook’s Favorite Question To Ask During Job Interviews And I Can’t Even Answer It

During a Business Insider interview with Facebook’s global head of recruiting about how the social networking website recruits top-tier talent in an ever-increasingly competitive field, Miranda Kalinowski divulged that both she and Facebook’s vice president of People Operations have a favorite question they ask during job interviews:

On your very best day at work – the day you come home and think you have the best job in the world – what did you do that day?

Assuming someone asked me that question right now, my honest-to-god answer would be something like “Well it was Free Bagel Tuesday so I spent 15 minutes in the office kitchen making a poppy seed bagel and slathering it with baked salmon spread, then I dicked around on the Internet for 3 hours, ordered lunch because I enjoy wasting money on takeout and being poor, worked for another 4 hours and then spent the remaining hour of my day making fun of Matt Keohan for being fat.”

That is my honest, shitty and interview-tanking answer; I do not lie at job interviews.

Contrary to what you’d expect, as long as I explain my day with intense vigor and excitement there’s a chance, chance, that I’ll get hired. According to Kulinowski, they’re not looking for any one specific answer – just what the candidate is “truly passionate about and whether that innate interest fits into what Facebook is looking for.”

While not all job candidates are guaranteed to get that exact question during their interview, Kalinowski went on to recommend that “all applicants prepare for their interviews at Facebook by reflecting on what they do when they lose track of time at work, which is another way to gauge what they inherently enjoy and likely are good at.”

[H/T Business Insider]